Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Windows Mobile Screenshot

Recently found an image of HTC-made Windows Mobile phone taken at introduction party in London, about a year ago. It is interesting that nothing changed since that time. Microsoft is still wander around the mobile phone railway station, the last train with substantial target audience might be long gone.


  1. I believe MS will eventually be able to sell their Windows mobile, because they have an extremely strong presence in companies.
    Apple is loosing marketshare, I uppose it goes both to Android & MS Win.
    RIM is loosing the last corporate clients it has. I suppose MS is taking them all.

  2. Thanks for comment, although I don't share your confidence concerning WM success. I mean, it still might happen, but it is far from the sure thing.
    Don't buy into "extremely strong presence in companies" argument, the killer apps on the mobile are totally different from the desktop ones, thus it is not that big advantage to be a producer of Office suite.
    Apple is not loosing marketshare, they are still selling strong, quite contrary, they gain share on important markets. And this is my point : if you already have iPhone and iPad, and own those average 80 apps (or similar) what is incentive for you to switch platform. None. WM8 could be huge if they managed to arrive in 2007, but now it might be too late, no matter how much advertising money they spend, this was the point of the article.